Below is a sample video clip using the Sunday Streams service. If you see the video playing below your system is compatible with Sunday Streams. If the video does not play, please see our basic troubleshooting guide below.

If you can't see or hear anything:

  • Try refreshing the page and then, if necessary, click the "play" button.

If you can see the video but can't hear any sound:

  • Make sure your speakers are turned on and your volume is turned up.

If the audio and/or video is having pauses:

  • Check your connection speed at with this speed test.  If you have a low download speed you can check to see if there is a lower resolution stream available and try that stream to see if that eliminates the pauses.  (If it is available for the stream it would be found on the Videos tab.)
  • Typically you can get a more consistent connection with a wired connection as opposed to a wireless connection. Try using a wired connection if you are having issues on a wireless network.
  • It could be that there are too many background processes or programs running and that your CPU usage is too high.  You can check your CPU usage and try closing unused programs to see if that corrects the issue.  

On a PC or Mac:

  • If you are sure that you have the latest version of Flash Player installed on your browser then you can skip this troubleshooting step too. You need to have Flash Player installed on your browser to watch and listen to the video. 
  • Older versions of Flash Player won't show some of the newer video formats so upgrading Flash Player may help. 
  • Click here to get Flash Player from Adobe or to update to the latest version of Flash Player (it is free). 
  • If you are unable to get Flash Player working on your computer, then please visit the Flash Player Help and Support page.

On a mobile iOS or Android device:

  • Our system should automatically detect your device and if you have flash or not so you can simply click to play the video and it will do so in the format that is compatible with your device.  
  • Typically you may have a faster connection over wifi than over wireless so you may want to ensure that you are connected to a wifi network where possible.  

If none of the information above helps you watch and listen to videos:

  • Restart your computer or device and try watching the video again.
  • If that doesn't work then please contact us at 855-278-7326, email us, or by live chat at